洪堡的创新,Proctor驱动的EDGe 介绍了 一个无忧无虑的新时代 非核 的测试 土壤密度、湿度和压实率.

  • 100%非核装置
  • 没有核问题或监管
  • 提供直接链接到标准的Proctor数据
  • 精度和. 核指标:
    ±2 磅/英尺3 (32公斤/米3)

EDG的e gives you accurate field 测量 with a direct reference 你的普罗克托测试数据,而且是非核的!

EDG的e 入门工具包提供了你所需要的一切

介绍洪堡的下一代 无核,土壤密度,现场和实验室测量, 边缘 (e型). EDG的e provides Nuclear-Free, Field Density Measurements Based On In-Lab 普罗克特测试数据.

的 new 边缘 will determine the density and moisture content of aggregate, soil aggregate, compacted type I or II base, or native soil materials that are suitable for shallow foundations, such as secondary roads or base aggregate that is compacted in-place prior to asphalt or 混凝土在最终等级中的位置. 边缘质量保证/质量控制(QA/QC) 系统重量轻,易于使用,无核.

Now you have a field compaction testing alternative to the nuclear gauge with the innovative, Proctor-driven 边缘! 这是您从实验室到现场的简单解决方案!


  • 1台用于实验室测定普罗克特值
  • 1台用于现场测量

的 2 separate units work together with the use of a Microsoft app to ensure precise and accurate 测量. EDG的e provides a direct coorelation between the Proctor test data of a representative aggregate/soil sample in the lab and readings of the same material in the field.

实验室的单位 provides you with the tools to take readings directly from Proctor molds while performing six-inch diameter Proctor tests. 一个实验室的单位支持多个 现场设备. 的 Field Unit is lightweight and comes in a rugged carrying case for easy transport and storage. You can expand your field capabilities by purchasing additional 场单元s. 两个单元都是无核的, which eliminates the need for radiation safety compliance regimens and transportation restrictions. EDG的e is simple to use and allows any of your employees to be quickly trained.


的 laboratory aggregate calibration procedure involves electrical 的测试 a representative sample of the construction aggregate or soil materials while performing either an ASTM D1557 Standard Test Method for 实验室 Compaction using a Modified Effort of 56,000 磅/英尺3 or the ASTM D698 Standard Test Method for 实验室 Compaction using a Standard Effort of 12,000 ft-lbf /立方.

During the laboratory test, the 边缘 lab-sensor and a Windows 10 laptop or 电脑 are used to collect and manage the physical and electrical data during the Proctor test. 该软件 generates a Proctor curve that displays the maximum dry density at the calculated optimum moisture content and is saved and typically printed for client reports. 经验推导 correlations relate the electrical and physical properties of the aggregate or soil that is scheduled for placement and compaction on construction project sites, such as road construction 或者其他浅基础.

的 physical and electrical data from the Proctor test is saved on the laboratory laptop 电脑. This data can then be transferred to the ruggedized field Windows 10 tablet by USB stick, a cloud service, or wirelessly, f或使用 with the 边缘 field equipment for quality assurance / quality control (QA/QC) testing and construction quality certification.

运输重量: 11磅(4磅).8Kg)
运输方面: 16英寸× 16英寸× 6英寸(406 × 406 × 152毫米)


EDG的e 场单元 is a portable, battery-powered instrument capable of being used anywhere without the concerns and regulations associated with nuclear safety. 现场质量 assurance / quality control testing, the 边缘 field-sensor and the 边缘 software running on a Windows 10平板电脑或电脑管理项目数据. 边缘现场硬件是一起使用的 with the 边缘 field sensor and the software to test the density and moisture of the construction materials.

In the field, the 边缘 measures the electrical properties of the aggregate and calculates its physical properties by utilizing the established relationship of the aggregate’s electrical and 物理特性. This is established in conjunction with the standard Proctor test and 边缘校准程序. 现场测试需要几分钟才能完成,而且材料 field properties are displayed in real-time, as well as being saved for 报告打印.

EDG的e field reports provide the user and client with quality assurance / quality control data that includes the compacted material dry density, wet density, the percent moisture content, relative compaction, date, time, and GPS coordinates and a location map. 客户端报告可以 include additional project information such as the project name and number, the 边缘 field sensor unique identification number, the 边缘 operator’s name, the company name, and other information in the remarks section, such weather conditions, if needed.

运输重量: 22磅(9磅).9Kg)
运输方面: 24英寸× 14英寸× 14英寸(609 × 355 × 355mm)


边缘应用程序,可在微软应用程序商店免费获得. 这个应用程序允许你同时操作 the Lab and Field units of the 边缘, as well as provide the 场单元 with the lab Proctor data. In the field, the App will record dry density, wet density, percent moisture content, relative compaction, date, time, GPS coordinates and generate a location map. 这个数据是 routinely used for construction QA/QC certification reporting. 该应用程序可以生成报告 PDF格式,可以保存或与他人共享.


  • 下载作业数据
  • 以PDF格式保存和共享自定义报告
  • 同时操作实验室和现场小组
  • 向现场单位提供Proctor数据
  • 时间/日期,每次测试的GPS图章
  • 生成位置地图
  • 带有实验室名称的报告标题

实验室的使用: 任何带有蓝牙®le4的Windows 10笔记本电脑或平板电脑.0或更高(e.g. MS Surface Pro或MS Surface Go
现场使用: MS Surface Go 3平板电脑,坚固耐用的外壳 蓝牙®le4.0或更高(推荐:城市装甲装备外壳 & 屏蔽 Surface Go 2) Microsoft compatible pen for laboratory and field use, optional mouse for 实验室使用. 建议实验室使用键盘.




  • 符合AASHTO t399标准
  • Accurate and repeatable results that link directly to Proctor tests of your own material
  • 不需要训练有素或有执照的技术人员
  • Does not require special handling for shipping or regulatory compliance for hazardous materials
  • 易于学习和易于使用的一步一步的菜单
  • 重量轻,便于运输
  • Eliminates costs and safety concerns associated with nuclear gauges







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